Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's time to start thinking about award nominations

If you know someone who has an exemplary library media program consider Nominating the program for the Forward Award. The Forward Award recognizes exemplary school library media programs in Wisconsin’s schools, in order to strengthen school library programs and support student achievement. This is an individual building program award.

Nominations for the Forward Award are due soon - by November 15! Please go to http://www.wemta.org/awards/forward_award.cfm for more information about nominating.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Do you need funding for a project or activity to improve information and technology literacy for your students? Apply for a PET funded grant by December 15!

Are you or a colleague pursuing your 902 license? Apply for the $1500 Lowell Wilson scholarship by December 15!

For our profession to grow and develop we need new more faculty to prepare library media and instructional technology specialists. Please encourage future faculty to apply for the WEMTA PETdoctoral studies' scholarship. Applications are due December 15.

Application guidelines and forms are available at http://www.wemta.org/awards/scholarships_grants.cfm

Help fund future scholarships and grants by making your contributions to PET when renewing your WEMTA membership, registering for the WEMTA conference, or by contacting the WEMTA office at wemta@wiscow.com

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Battle of the Books Season Begins

battle of the books

The Battle of the Books 2014-2015 season is underway.  To find out more about WEMTA's Battle, please read the information available here.  The booklists were released in June and online registration is now available on WEMTA's website with instructions available here.

Register now until November 15th for only $15 which includes 5 ribbons. Additional ribbons and/or pins can be ordered when you register or at a later date. In order to participate on the Moodle website in December, please make sure that purchase order payments are made in a timely manner. After November 15th the registration fee goes up to $30 until December 15th.

A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have submitted or will be writing questions for books in this year's Battle. Please submit your questions by October 1st.

General questions can be sent to the main email account, battle@wemta.org, however, each division has a separate email account as follows:

battle.ms@wemta.org, and

Make plans now to participate in this great activity that encourages reading!

WEMTA Battle of the Books Committee:
Jeff Carpenter & Debby Walters - Co-Chairs
Dawn Totzke - Moodle Coordinator
Yolan Mistele - Registration Coordinator
Cathy Retzer, Casey Ince, and Rocky Shutter - Elementary
Kim Christiansen & Kate Ewing - Middle
Sandra Wurdeman, Liz Bade, Joelyne Hoerth, Pat Eloranta, Melissa Matz, Sandra Hansen, Sharon Storke, and Maren Stahl - Senior